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The Māori Law Review is a monthly review of law affecting Māori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

May 2015 Haratua – Contents

Book review

Are We There Yet? The Future of the Treaty of Waitangi: A Review - Max Harris

Moving beyond a legalistic approach to applying the Treaty of Waitangi in contemporary New Zealand - Gareth Morgan and Susan Guthrie

Are We There Yet? The Future of the Treaty of Waitangi: A response to Morgan and Guthrie - Max Harris

Māori Land Court - Te Kōti Whenua Māori

Injunction – Mareva injunction issued over former trustees – Slade - Parengarenga 3G (2014) 87 Taitokerau MB 46

Chief Judge's powers:

Permanent injunction declinedHaimona v The Trustees of Te Karaka No 1A Ahu Whenua Trust - Te Karaka No 1A Ahu Whenua Trust and Rotoiti 3G1 Blocks (2015) Chief Judge's MB 228

Status of land:

Change from Māori freehold land to general land declinedGilbert Family Trust - Marokopa 3 Block (2015) 97 Waikato Maniapoto MB 68 (97 WMN 68)

Land deemed General land under Māori Affairs Act 1953 – Coast Law - Allotment 266A3C2 Waimana Parish Block (2014) 103 Waiariki MB 270


Review of trust and removal of trusteesRaukawa v Lux - Te Oitahuna Raukawa Whānau Trust (2015) 116 Waiariki MB 288

Review of trust and removal of trusteesWorsnop v Lux - Honeri Raukawa Whānau Trust (2015) 117 Waiariki MB 3

Removal of trustee - Worsnop v Lux - Ruarakai-Tokomanawa Lands Trust (2015) 117 Waiariki MB 26

Māori reservations:

Inquiry granted into administrationPowell - Tunapahore 6 (2015) 118 Waiariki MB 150

Removal of trustees - trustee encouraged to resign - Royal v Broughton - Muhunoa 3A1E1 Sub 8A (Kikopiri Marae Māori Reservation) (2014) 325 Aotea MB 250 (325 AOT 250)

Gazette Notice was not confusing or uncertain – Murray - Mahinepua B1 (2014) 87 Taitokerau MB 227 (87 TTK 227)


Whether persons were whāngai and disposition of Māori land on intestacyPomare - Peter Here Pomare (2015) 103 Taitokerau MB 95 (103 TTK 95)


Withdrawal of an application to the CourtDawson v Dawson - Orohaki 894B Ahu Whenua Trust (2015) 29 Te Waipounamu MB 161

Waitangi Tribunal - Te Rōpū Whakamana i te Tiriti o Waitangi

Application for urgent remedies hearing and urgent inquiry declined - Ahitahi/Araukuku Hapū Claim (Wai 552, #2.35)

Canada - Ontario Court of Justice

Life or death, and traditional medicine – primacy of indigenous rights - Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation v DH 2014 ONCJ 603 - Andrew Row

Indigenous Law Speaker Series 2015

Criminal Justice, the State and Māori - Kim Workman, 2015 J. D. Stout Fellow, will deliver the third of our 2015 seminars on 28 May 2015 at the Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington

Recent developments in co-governance and co-management - Paul Beverley will deliver the second seminar for 2015 on 21 May 2015 at the Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington

Ko te manu e kai ana i te mātauranga - nōnā te ao: overseas postgraduate reflections - Horiana Irwin Easthope and Natalie Coates will deliver the first of our 2015 seminars on 7 May 2015 at the Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington

The Māori Law Review is proud to have an association with the Faculty of Law at Victoria University of Wellington and Buddle Findlay New Zealand lawyers. The Māori Law Review acknowledges support from Victoria University towards producing the Review.
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