September 1997 Contents

Mäori Land Court & Appellate Court

Powers of Mäori Land Court to vary a trust order

Application to review the operations of a trust

Waitangi Tribunal

Review of the Evidence in The Muriwhenua Land Claims—2 vol report

Other Courts and Tribunals

Court of Appeal—Mäori land valuation—The Mangatu blocks case

Court of Appeal—Legal aid and the Human Rights Committee

High Court—Historic Places Act, standing for Mäori groups—Mäori values to be considered on appeal

High Court—Matukuturua stonefields, interference with waahi tapu—Resource Management Act—the ‘reasonable Maori’ test

Environment Court—Historic Places Act—authority to destroy a midden—Mäori values to be considered


Waikato Raupatu Claims Settlement Act Commencement Order 1997—Onewhero forest

Resource Management Amendment Bill (No 3)—select committee report

Waitutu Block Settlement Bill—select committee report

Speeches & Press Releases

Multiple-owned Land Development Committee announced

Annual index

Māori Law Review Index December 1996 to November 1997

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