December-January 1998 Contents

Mäori Land Court & Appellate Court

Mäori Appellate Court—Partition for the purposes of sale—Kairakau 2C5B Block

Mäori Appellate Court—succession—evidence of an agreement to waive interests—Mangaroa Y Block

Mäori Land Court—Title to the foreshore and seabed—Malborough Sounds preliminary decision

Waitangi Tribunal

Procedure for receiving confidential evidence—the flora and fauna claim Wai 262

Other Courts and Tribunals

High Court—Matukuturua Stonefields sewage pipeline—further application for interim orders

High Court—Fisheries settlement litigation—representation orders for urban Mäori—interim costs award

Court of Appeal—Public works offer back—Ohinewai Coalcorp lands

Court of Appeal —sentencing of the America’s Cup offender

Environment Court—cell phone mast on Mt Te Aroha


Mäori Reserved Land Amendment Act 1997

Crown Minerals Amendment (no 2) 1997—mining in national parks

Lake Ellesmere eel fishery regulations

Waikare Inlet taiapure-local fishery

Taonga Mäori Protection Bill—interim select committee report

Fisheries (Remedial Issues) Amendment Bill 1997—temporary closure provisions


Ngäi Tahu Deed of Settlement (part 3)

Draft national and South Island customary fisheries regulations

Multilateral Agreement on Investment

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Māori Law Review Index December 1997 to November 1998

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