March 1998 Contents

Mäori Land Court & Appellate Court

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Waitangi Tribunal

New members. Resigning members

Other Courts and Tribunals

Court of Appeal–jurisdiction over Mäori in criminal matters

High Court–injunction preventing Mäori Land Court conference

High Court–discontinuance of Ngäi Tahu proceedings against Waitangi Tribunal

High Court–adoption by grandparents of Mäori child

Environment Court–sand dredging effect on kaimoana beds

Environment Court–marine farm proposal, Malborough Sounds


Mäori Reserved Land Amendment Act 1998

Reports & Articles

Historic Heritage Management Review

Local government, Mäori organisations & resource management–survey


Proposed boundaries of the new Mäori seats

Trick or Treaty? Doug Graham book

Mike Moore’s Constitutional Convention Bill

Annual index

Māori Law Review Index December 1997 to November 1998

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