October 1998 Contents

Māori Land Court & Appellate Court

Malborough Sounds foreshore and seabed – procedure for hearing

Contested transfer of incorporation shares

Confirmation of a lease, valuation of timber

Status of land - leave to appeal out of time refused - Ross - Rangatira E (1998) 1 Waiariki Appellate MB 111

Application to change status of land

Waitangi Tribunal

No items this month

Other Courts and Tribunals

High Court – legal aid for Privy Council appeal

High Court – warrants to seizure materials of Fisheries Commission

District Court –Taupo lakebed & Local Government Act 1974

Environment Court – standing under RMA 1991

Environment Court – proposed Taranaki gas well

Race Relations Conciliator – Wanganui Polytech decision


Ngäi Tahu Claims Settlement Act 1998

Treaty of Waitangi Amendment Bill 1998

Treaty of Waitangi (Final Settlement of Claims) Bill 1998

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Status of land – leave to appeal out of time refused – Ross

Ross - Rangatira E

Māori Appellate Court (1998) 1 Waiariki Appellate MB 111 (1 AP 111)

22 October 1998

Leave to appeal out of time refused due to the excessive delay in filing notice of appeal.

Download Ross - Rangatira E (355 KB PDF) here. read more