December-January 2000 Contents


Agreements between Māori and Local Authorities by Grant Hewison, Strategic Manager, Strategic Management/Treaty of Waitangi Team Manukau City Council

Māori Appellate Court and Māori Land Court

Chief Judge's powers – appeal based on misunderstanding – Mann - Pakohu 2B2AJ  (2000) 4 Taitokerau Appellate MB 234

Lease by assembled owners – disputed resolution - Re Wilson & Brown & Arapaoanui 3C (1999) 146 Gisborne MB 72

Performance of trust, voting by beneficiaries - Proprietors of Mangakino Township Inc v Hemi & Pouakani No 2 (1999) 73 Taupo MB 30

Other Courts and Tribunals

Court of Appeal – Māori land & RMA 1991

Environment Court - cultural objections to a landfill

Environment Court – effect of Ngāi Tahu Settlement Act


Taupo tributaries revesting

Waitangi and Indigenous Rights. Revolution, Law and Legitimation

Adoption law reform

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Chief Judge’s powers – appeal based on misunderstanding – Mann

Mann - Pakohu 2B2AJ

Māori Appellate Court (2000) 4 Taitokerau Appellate MB 234 (4 APWH 234)

11 January 2000

Appeal against a decision of the Chief Judge made under s 45 of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 dismissed. Appellants wrongly believed that the Chief Judge's decision to cancel a succession order reflected poorly on their ancestor. Other matters raised were not within the Appellate Court's jurisdiction.

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