March 2012 Contents

High Court

Funding claimant groups for negotiation in preference to litigation - Taueki v Crown Forestry Rental Trust (High Court, Wellington CIV 2011-485-1497)

Māori Appellate Court

Applications for rehearingHenare v Māori Trustee – Parengarenga 3G (2012) 2012 Māori Appellate Court MB 1

Trustees - removal - Rudd Senior v Proctor - Horowhenua 11 (Lake) Trust (2012) 2012 Maori Appellate Court MB 107 (2012 APPEAL 107)

Costs – appeal against costs award dismissedVercoe v Barns- Parish of Matata 39A2A and 39A2B2B2A (2012) Māori Appellate Court MB 149 2012 APPEAL 149)

Waitangi Tribunal

No urgent inquiry into use of the Mangawhai forest in settlement of Ngāti Manuhiri historical claims - Kapea and Beazley on behalf of themselves and Ngā Uri o Maki-nui (Wai 2181, #2.5.7)

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