Toni Love - associate editor of the Māori Law Review

Toni is of Te Ᾱtiawa descent.

Toni is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington and holds a Bachelor of Law with honours and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Ecology and Biodiversity, and Statistics.

She is actively involved in a number of volunteer community conservation projects within Wellington.

Toni has also been involved in Te Pūtahi Atawhai and Te Rōpū Ᾱwhina, which both provide mentoring to Māori and Pasifika students in the humanities and science faculties respectively.

Toni is interested in environmental law, intellectual property law, in particular Māori cultural intellectual property, and how indigenous principles can drive legislative and policy change in relation to conservation and the environment.

Photo of Toni Love (VUW Image Services)

Toni Love - associate editor Māori Law Review