Trusts – partial termination, constitution of ahu whenua trust, appointment of trustees – The Māori Trustee v O’Rorke

The Māori Trustee v O'Rorke - Pukekohatu 7B

Māori Land Court (2014) 329 Aotea MB 79 (329 AOT 79)

28 November 2014

Partial termination of an ahu whenua trust. Pukekohatu 7B was revested in its beneficial owners and the Pukekohatu 7B Trust was constituted pursuant to s 215 of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993, to which the Māori Trustee was appointed responsible trustee. This outcome was found to provide a practical solution to competing uses of land and allowed for retention of the land in the owners' hands while allowing use and development in accordance with the parties' wishes.

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