Māori claims to rights over water – Tribunal issues interim direction urging halt to partial privatisation of State-owned power companies

Memorandum-directions of the Tribunal in the National Fresh Water and Geothermal Resources Inquiry

Waitangi Tribunal (Wai 2358, #2.7.2, 30 July 2012)

The Waitangi Tribunal has issued an interim direction.  The interim direction urges the Crown to halt its planned programme to partially privatise a number of State-owned power companies until the Tribunal’s report on the first stage of its urgent inquiry into Māori claims to freshwater and geothermal resources is released in September 2012 and any recommendations in that report have been considered by Government.

In setting out its view on whether the Crown should proceed with or pause the asset sales programme, the Tribunal has made a number of observations about its role in monitoring the Crown-Māori relationship.

The Māori Law Review will report on the Tribunal’s substantive reports on claims to water and geothermal resources once these are released.

Download Wai 2358, #2.7.2 here (1 MB PDF). read more