Trustee elections, postal ballots and statutory declarations of entitlement

Trustees of Lake Horowhenua Trust (2012) 285 Aotea MB 135 (285 AOT 135)

Māori Land Court 22 June 2012

Postal ballots could be used for trustee elections. Beneficiaries participating in the election would be required to complete a statutory declaration that they are current owners in the land and members of the Muaūpoko tribe.

Download Trustees of Lake Horowhenua Trust (2012) 285 Aotea MB 135 here. (268 KB PDF)

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Funding claimant groups for negotiation in preference to litigation – Taueki v Crown Forestry Rental Trust

Taueki v Crown Forestry Rental Trust

High Court, Wellington (CIV 2011-485-1497)

17 February 2012

The High Court granted an application by the Crown Forestry Rental Trust (CFRT) for summary judgment against the plaintiff’s application for judicial review of a CFRT decision to recognise Muaūpoko Tribal Authority (MTA) as a beneficiary. The decision was challenged on the basis that MTA was not Māori and did not have a claim before the Waitangi Tribunal involving Crown forest licensed land. Ronald Young J was satisfied that the evidence unequivocally established that when CFRT recognised MTA as an approved client in 2009 MTA did represent claimants in the Waitangi Tribunal. Therefore there was no error of fact.

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