Tribunal declines to use binding powers in recommending remedies for Ngāti Kahu

The Ngāti Kahu Remedies Report (pre-publication edition)

Waitangi Tribunal (Wai 45, 2013)

4 February 2013

The Waitangi Tribunal has declined to exercise its powers to compel the Crown to transfer property to Ngāti Kahu to remedy the iwi's well-founded historical Treaty claims. While the Tribunal found that redress for the wrongful dispossession of 70 per cent of Ngāti Kahu lands by 1865 is long overdue, the circumstances of wider Treaty settlement negotiations in the far north did not warrant the use of its binding powers.

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Remedies recommendations and principles for relief in the Waitangi Tribunal

Application for remedies on behalf of Te Rūnanga-ā-Iwi o Ngāti Kahu

Waitangi Tribunal (Wai 45, 2012 #2.411, 25 June 2012)

The Waitangi Tribunal has scheduled a hearing for September 2012 in the application for remedies made on behalf of Te Rūnanga-ā-Iwi o Ngāti Kahu. In a memorandum of directions on preliminary matters issued on 25 June 2012 the Presiding Officer discussed a number of issues including principles for relief recommended by the Tribunal, notice to affected property owners and the definition of the claim area the Tribunal will use in considering remedies for Ngāti Kahu. The ruling is of interest because of the limited jurisprudence to date on how the Waitangi Tribunal considers making recommendations for relief about well-founded claims.

Download Wai 45, 2012 #2.411 here. (415 KB PDF)

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