Dispute about trust beneficiaries – Easthope v Pirika – Te Ngae Farm Trust

Easthope v Pirika - Te Ngae Farm Trust

(2012) 62 Waiariki MB 92 (62 WAR 92)

8 October 2012

The correct interpretation of the beneficiary clause of the trust order for the Te Ngae Farm Trust defined the beneficiaries of the trust narrowly as members of the hapū of Ngāti Rangiteaorere rather than more broadly to include all descendants of the tupuna (ancestor) Rangiteaorere.

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Validity of trustee appointments – Tito v Tito [2012] NZCA 493

Tito v Tito

Court of Appeal [2012] NZCA 493

29 October 2012

The Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal from the Māori Appellate Court's decision to appoint two interim trustees to an ahu whenua trust. The Court suggested the owners consider appointing an independent professional as sole responsible trustee given the narrow scope of the trust's operations.

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