Interim injunction to prevent trespass on Māori freehold land

Te Rangi - Mahanga 1C1E

Māori Land Court (2012) 25 Tairawhiti MB 268 (25 TRW 268)

18 October 2012

The Court granted an ex-parte application for an interim injunction to prevent use of the Mahanga marae at Māhia without the permission of the trustees. A hearing was scheduled for late November 2012 for the Court to determine whether to extend or dismiss the injunction.

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Trespass and damages – orders would only inflame tense situation – Carroll v Maihi-Carroll

Carroll v Maihi-Carroll - Waipuka 2R Section 3

Māori Land Court (2012) 15 Tākitimu MB 234 (15 TKT 234)

24 April 2012

Application for trespass and damages dismissed on the basis that the orders sought would only inflame a tense family dispute and prevent an amicable resolution. There was also insufficient evidence before the Court to grant the order.

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